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It’s time for another addition of Cool Vintage Items! the yard, garage and tag sale season is heating up! We have been very busy cleaning out the garage and trying to get things to fixed up and ready to take to the Vintage With a Twist booth.

Victor Talking

In this addition, I’m gonna show you a beautiful Victrola Cabinet record player my brother-in-law found at an auction. It is in super condition! I’ll post the pictures and then give you the lowdown on it!

victrola sold


It is a large cabinet style Victrola made by the Victor Talking Machine Company.

Victrola phonograph 2

It is in such good shape! The wood and veneer have hardly any wear.

Victrola Label

Victrola label inside domed lid.

Victrola Model Plate

Victrola phonograph 3

 The top two doors open to control the volume (it’s the speaker).

Both doors closed is low volume, one door open is medium and both doors open is jamming!

Victrola phonograph 4

It has all the alphabetized holders for the 78 discs and still has discs in some of them!

Victrola LP Size

Victrola domed lid

This is the Victrola model # VV-XVI – S/N 157176. The serial number indicates is was made around 1918. When I go back to the booth, I will photograph the model plate and take some more close up photos. It is available in the booth for $450.

Vintage Stroller

Below is a J.C. Penney brand vintage stroller complete with canopy. There is some wear and tear on some of the vinyl near the handle at the back where the back flap can be adjusted. It is really in great shape otherwise. My mom had one of these in blue when I was a kid! She rigged a seat for my brother to sit in the basket in the back while I rode up front. Ahhh, the memories! The stroller is available for $75 at the booth.

J.C. Penney vintage stroller

Vintage Stroller 1

Vintage Stroller 2

Vintage Stroller 3

Vintage M-1956 Entrenching Tool — Vietnam War

Finally, we have a Vietnam issue entrenching tool. It is a U.S. M-1956 collapsible shovel with cover. U.S. is stamped on the front and tool # M-1956 is on the back along with more numbers. It’s in good shape for having been used. Available at the booth.

vietnam entrenching tool

Vietnam E Tool 1

Vietnam etool 2

Vietnam etool 3

Hope you have enjoyed this addition of Cool Vintage Items!


The Victrola sold today! (7/5/2012) Guess I’d better start looking for something to replace it. We have a big hole in the booth now!

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  1. BuckHawk says:

    Wow, you got me with that Victrola! How great it is. Best of luck with all the items, but I’ll bet you have no problem selling each one.

  2. Krista Berger says:

    I am interested in the vintage stroller if it has not been sold yet. Do you ship at all? I am located in Wisconsin! Thank you!

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